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Recent publications from Biotechnology faculty

  • SCI journal papers

1Phan Thanh Bao Trung, Luu Bui Bao Ngoc, Phan Ngoc Hoa, Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Tien,Pham Van Hung:Impact of heat-moisture and annealing treatments on physicochemical properties and digestibility of starches from different colored sweet potato varieties.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES (July 2017).[Pub ID : #2940]
2Pham Van Hung, Vo Thi Ngoc Duyen:Structure, physicochemical characteristics, and functional properties of starches isolated from yellow (Curcuma longa) and black (Curcuma caesia) turmeric rhizomes.STARCH-STARKE (May 2017).[Pub ID : #2808]
3Pham Van Hung, Nguyen Thi Mai Huong, Nguyen Thi Lan Phi, Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Tien:Physicochemical characteristics and in vitro digestibility of potato andcassava starches under organic acid and heat-moisture treatments.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES 95: 299–305 (February 2017).[Pub ID : #2938]
4Nguyen Nguyen Ngoc, Anh Van Nguyen,Nguyen Tan Khoi, Llew Rintoul, Liem X. Dang:Unexpected inhibition of CO2 gas hydrate formation in dilute TBAB solutions and the critical role of interfacial water structure.Fuel 185: 517-523 (August 2016).[Pub ID : #2622]
5Mingxia Zhou, Le Nguyen-Minh Thong ,Huynh Kim Lam, Bin Liu:Effects of structure and size of Ni nanocatalysts on hydrogen selectivity via water-gas-shift reaction—A first-principles-based kinetic study.Catalysis Today (July 2016).[Pub ID : #2626]
6Le Nguyen Minh Thong, P. Raghunath,Huynh Kim Lam, MC Lin:A Computational Study on the Adsorption Configurations and Reactions of SiHx(x = 1-4) on Clean and H-covered Si(100) Surfaces.Applied Surface Science 387: 546-556 (June 2016).[Pub ID : #2624]
7Einav Shoshan,Braeuer R. Russell, Takafumi Kamiya, Aaron K Mobley, Li Huang, Mayra E Vasquez, Guemarie Velazquez-Torres, Nitin Chakravarti, Christina Ivan, Victor Prieto, Gabriel J Villares, Menashe Bar-Eli:NFAT1 Directly Regulates IL8 and MMP3 to Promote Melanoma Tumor Growth and Metastasis.CANCER RESEARCH 76(11): 3145-55 (June 2016).[Pub ID : #2514]
8Le Thi Ly:Molecular Modeling, Molecular Dynamics and Bioinformatics in Pharmaceutical Design.CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL DESIGN 22(23): 3487 (April 2016).[Pub ID : #2666]
9Hau Le,Le Thi Ly:Systems pharmacology: A unified framework for prediction of drug-target interactions.CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL DESIGN 22(23): 3569 (April 2016).[Pub ID : #2661]
10Pham-Cam Nam, P. Raghunath,Huynh Kim Lam, Shucheng Xu, M. C. Lin:Ab Initio Chemical Kinetics for the HCCO + H Reaction.Combustion Science and Technology (March 2016).[Pub ID : #2477]
11Nguyen Tan Khoi:In Situ Investigation of Peptide–Lipid Interaction Between PAP248–286 and Model Cell Membranes.The Journal of Membrane Biology (February 2016).[Pub ID : #2409]
12Hung Nguyen, Thanh Van, Nhut Tran,Le Thi Ly:Exploring the Effects of Subfreezing Temperature and Salt Concentration on Ice Growth Inhibition of Antarctic Gram-Negative Bacterium Marinomonas Primoryensis Using Coarse-Grained Simulation..APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY 178(18): 1534 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2663]
13Xuan Nguyen,Le Thi Ly:Therapeutic development of interrelated metabolic and neurodegenerative disorders.CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL DESIGN 22(23): 3608 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2662]
14Bao Ho,Le Thi Ly, Thai DT, Taewijit S:Data-driven Approach to Detect and Predict Adverse Drug Reactions.CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL DESIGN 22(23): 3498-3526 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2660]
15Thanh Van, Nhut Tran, Frank Eisenhabor,Le Thi Ly:A Perspective on Rational Designs of a Hemagglutinin Based Universal Influenza Vaccine.CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL DESIGN (2016)00 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2659]
16Tam Mai, Artur Ratkiewicz, Minh v. Duong,Huynh Kim Lam:Direct ab initio study of the C6H6+ CH3/C2H5= C6H5+ CH4/C2H6reactions.CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 646: 102-109 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2479]
17Artur Ratkiewicz,Huynh Kim Lam, Thanh Truong:Performance of First-Principles based Reaction Class Transition State Theory.JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 120(8): 1871-1884 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2478]
18Nguyen Tan Khoi, Afshin Asadzadeh Shahir, Anh V. Nguyen:A sum-frequency generation spectroscopic study of the Gibbs analysis paradox: monolayer or sub-monolayer adsorption?.PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 18: 8794-8805 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2408]


  • SCI-E journal papers
1Nguyen Vu Hong Ha, Huynh Ky Nha:Effects of Juice Processing on Oxalate Contents in Carambola Juice Products.PLANT FOODS FOR HUMAN NUTRITION 72: 7 (June 2017).[Pub ID : #2888]
2Pham Thi Thu Hien, Le Kim Phuong Uyen, Vo Phuong Uyen, Le Kieu Minh, Lim Teckwang, Lin Qinsong,Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai:Isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantitation‑based proteome analysis of Vietnamese colorectal carcinoma tissuesJOURNAL OF CANCER RESEARCH AND THERAPEUTICS (May 2017).[Pub ID : #2903]
3Van Chi Thai, Teck Kwang Lim, Kim Phuong Uyen Le, Qinsong Lin,Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai:iTRAQ-based proteome analysis of fluoroquinolone-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.JOURNAL OF GLOBAL ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE 8: 82-89 (March 2017).[Pub ID : #2769]
5Tra Thanh Nhi,Huynh Chan Khon,Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai, Bui Chi Bao,Vo Van Toi, Tran Ngoc Quyen,Nguyen Thi Hiep:FABRICATION OF ELECTROSPUN POLYCAPROLACTONE COATED WITH CHITOSAN-SILVER NANOPARTICLES MEMBRANES FOR WOUND DRESSING APPLICATIONS..Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine (October 2016).[Pub ID : #2543]
6Le Tri Nghia,Nguyen Dien Thanh Giang, Dang Thi Lan Anh, Tran Bao Ngoc, Tran Tinh Hien, Nguyen Thi Hue:Optimizing a multiplex high resolution melting curve to diagnose G6PD deficiency based on viangchan and canton mutations.Biomedical Research and Therapy 3(8): 757-769 (August 2016).[Pub ID : #2687]
7Hoang Nguyen, Ngan Tran, Dat Tran,Le Thi Ly:An in silico study on antidiabetic activity of bioactive compounds in Euphorbia thymifolia Linn.SPRINGERPLUS 5(1359): 1359 (August 2016).[Pub ID : #2651]
8Nguyen Phuong Thao, Lam-son Phan Tran:Enhancement of Plant Productivity in the Post-Genomics EraCURRENT GENOMICS 17(4): 295-296 (July 2016).[Pub ID : #2667]
9Quang Ong, Phuc Tran,Nguyen Phuong Thao,Le Thi Ly:Bioinformatics Approach in Plant Genomic Research. Current Genomics.CURRENT GENOMICS 7(4): 368-378 (July 2016).[Pub ID : #2665]
10Dang Hoang Phuc,Nguyen Thi Hiep,Do Ngoc Phuc Chau,Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai,Huynh Chan Khon,Vo Van Toi,Nguyen Dai Hai, Bui Chi Bao:Fabrication of Hyalunonan-Poly (Vinylphosphonic Acid)-Chitosan Hydrogel for Wound Healing Application.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE (March 2016).[Pub ID : #2384]
11Tuan Viet Nguyen, Hyungtaek Jung,Nguyen Minh Thanh,David Hurwood, Peter Mather:Evaluation of potential candidate genes involved in salinity tolerance in striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) using an RNA-Seq approachMarine Genomics (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2467]


  • Non-ISI international papers

1Do Tien Vinh, Mai Thi Phuong Hoa, Pham Cao Khai,Tran Van Minh:Micropropagation of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia).Journal of Innovations in Pharmaceutical and Biological Science 4(2): 07-11 (March 2017).[Pub ID : #2830]
2Doan Trong Duc, Bui Thanh Hoa,Tran Van Minh:In vitro cloning of dang sam (Codonopsis pilosula (Franch) Nannf).Journal of Innovations in Applied Pharmaceutical Science 2(1): 01-05 (March 2017).[Pub ID : #2829]
3Le Hong Phu, Ma Bich Nhu, Nguyen Quang Duy:Study on Culture Conditions for A Cellulase Production From Aspergillus unguisJournal Of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER) 7(2): 31-35 (February 2017).[Pub ID : #2868]
4Luu Bui Bao Ngoc, Phan Thanh Bao Trung, Phan Ngoc Hoa,Pham Van Hung:Physicochemical properties and resistant starch contents of sweet potato starches from different varieties grown in Vietnam.International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition 2(1): 53 - 57 (January 2017).[Pub ID : #2809]
5Nguyen Hoang Kieu Anh,Hoang Le Son:Potentials of Plants Oils in Pruritus AlleviationJournal of Advances in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (December 2016).[Pub ID : #2814]
6Do Hoang Thu Trang,Hoang Le Son:Native Vietnamese Medicinal Plants with Anti-atopic Dermatitis Activity: A systematic ReviewJournal of Complementary and Alternative Medical Research (December 2016).[Pub ID : #2812]
7Pham Hong Ngoc,Hoang Le Son, Phung Van Trung:Hepatoprotective activity of Ganoderma lucidium (Curtis) P. Karst cyclophosphamide-induced liver injury in miceCogent Biology (December 2016).[Pub ID : #2810]
8Le Hong Phu, Nguyễn Quang Duy:Production of Cellulase and Pectinase by Using Aspergillus Oryzae in Molasses and Their Application for the Extraction of Soluble Solid Content from CoffeeIJMER 6(11): 42-45 (November 2016).[Pub ID : #2755]
9Nguyen Thi Tuyet Lan, Bui Thanh Nhan, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thanh,Nguyen Dien Thanh Giang,Phan Ngo Hoang, Tran Van Thiep, Nguyen Thi Hue:Association of a single nucleotide polymorphism at 6q25.1, rs2046210 with breast cancer risk among Vietnamese population.Biomedical Research & Therapy 3(11): 973-984 (November 2016).[Pub ID : #2730]
10Dang Quoc Tuan,Truong Nguyen Mai Phuong:Application of Hydrolytic Enzymes for Improvement of Red Dragon Fruit Juice ProcessingAsia Pacific Journal of Sustainable Agriculture Food and Energy (APJSAFE) 4(1): 1-4 (April 2016).[Pub ID : #2650]
11Phuong H.N. Nguyen,Dang Quoc Tuan:Enzyme-Assisted Aqueous Extraction Of Cashew Nut (Anacardium occidentale L.) OilInternational Journal on Advanced Science Engineering Information Technology 6(2): 175-179 (April 2016).[Pub ID : #2469]
12Le Hong Phu, Hoang Nguyen Thuy Tien, Tran Kieu Khanh:Isolation and identification of anaerobic yeasts and bacteria from Weasel coffee for cellulase and pectinase.International Journal of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER) 5(12): 19-24 (February 2016).[Pub ID : #2410]
13Ho Nguyen Quynh Chi,Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai, Hoang Nghia Son, Le Thanh Long:THE NSP2 VARIATION OF VIETNAMESE PORCINE REPRODUCTIVE AND RESPIRATORY SYNDROME VIRUS STRAINSInternational Research Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences 4(1): 72-80 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2786]
14Truong Huynh Anh Vu, Nguyen Huynh Tam, Nguyen Ngoc Huu,Nguyen Hoang Khue Tu:Characterization of Exiguobacterium Indicum Pn04 Isolated From Hot Spring.Global Journal of Biology, Agriculture & Health Sciences 5(1): 34-37 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2612]
15Truong Huynh Anh Vu, Nguyen Ngoc Huu, Ha Dieu Ly,Nguyen Hoang Khue Tu:Antibiotic Susceptibility of Salmonella Isolated from Feed.Global Journal of Biology, Agriculture & Health Sciences 5(1): 29-33 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2600]
16Tran Thi Yen Nhi,Dang Quoc Tuan:Enzyme-assisted extraction of Gac oil (Momordica cochinchinensis Spreng) from dried aril.Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences 4(1): 1-6 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2468]


  • Domestic journal papers

1Nguyen Duc Minh Hung, Do Thi Tuyen,Tran Van Minh:Nghiên cứu ảnh hưởng của đèn LED và bioreactor chìm ngập quãng đến sinh trưởng quang tự dưỡng cây hông (Paulownia fortunei) in vitro.Tạp chí Khoa học 12(4): 28-35 (December 2016).[Pub ID : #2834]
2Do Tien Vinh, Mai Thi Phuong Hoa, Le Bao Ngoc,Tran Van Minh:Vi nhân giống cây oải hương (Lavandula angustifolia)Tạp chí NN&PTNT 2016(16): 46-50 (October 2016).[Pub ID : #2835]
3Pham Cao Khai,Tran Van Minh:Vi nhân giống cây Giảo cổ lam (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)Tạp chí NN&PTNT 2016(19): 55-59 (September 2016).[Pub ID : #2836]
4Do Tien Vinh, Mai Thi Phuong Hoa, Le Bao Ngoc,Tran Van Minh:Vi nhân giống cây oải hương (Lavandua angustifolia).Tạp chí Khoa học 11(3): 42-49 (September 2016).[Pub ID : #2833]
5Nguyen Trung Hau, Mai Thi Phuong Hoa,Tran Van Minh:Nuôi cấy mô lá đinh lăng (Polyscias fruticosa L. Harms) tạo mô sẹo và nhận biết hoạt chất saponin tích lũy.Tạp chí Khoa học 11(3): 33-41 (September 2016).[Pub ID : #2832]
6Do Tien Vinh, Mai Thi Phuong Hoa, Le Bao Ngoc,Tran Van Minh:Nhan giong in vitro cay Oai huongJournal of Medical materials 21(4): 279-284 (August 2016).[Pub ID : #2682]
7Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Tien, Truong Ngoc Quynh Anh,Nguyen Thi Anh Tuyet, Nguyen Thi Mai Huong,Pham Van Hung:In vitro and in vivo digestibilities of native and resistant starches from sweet potato starchTạp chí Công Thương 8: 282-286 (August 2016).[Pub ID : #2547]
8Hoang Le Son, Nguyen Hong Quan,Tran Van Minh:Fatty acidanalysis of seeds from Hylocerus polyzhirus (red dragon fruit) grown in Binh Thuan provinceJournal of Medical materials 21(3): 194-198 (June 2016).[Pub ID : #2681]
9Đoàn Ngọc Hiếu,Nguyen Binh Anh Thu,Hoang Thi Lan Xuan, Nguyễn Phạm Kim Uyên,Nguyen Phuong Thao:Phân tích biểu hiện gen GmNAC085 dưới ảnh hưởng của xử lý mất nước và muối ở giống đậu tương chịu hạn tốt DT51 và chịu hạn kém MTD720Tạp chí Công nghệ Sinh học 14(1): 115-120 (February 2016).[Pub ID : #2381]
10Nguyen Tran Uyen Phuong, Tran Huy Qui Vinh,Nguyen Thi Anh Tuyet,Le Hong Phu,Pham Van Hung:Study on extraction conditions of the total saponin and phenolics from Ngoc Linh ginseng and their antioxidant capacityJournal of Biotechnology 14(1): 269-274 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2376]
11Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Tien,Nguyen Thi Anh Tuyet, Truong Ngoc Quynh Anh,Pham Van Hung:Textural and sensory qualities of low-carb bread with resistant starch supplementationJournal of Biotechnology 14(1): 497-502 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2375]
13Nguyen Vu Hong Ha, Huynh Mai Khanh Phuong, Nguyen Duong Hoang Hoa:EFFECTS OF ADDED PECTIN AMOUNTS AND DRYING TEMPERATURES ONJournal of Biotechnology 14(1): 8 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2373]
14Nguyen Vu Hong Ha, Nguyen Thi Cam Loan, Nguyen Duong Hoang Hoa:EFFECTS OF SPRAY-DRYING CONDITIONS ON ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES OFJournal of Biotechnology 14(1): 11 (January 2016).[Pub ID : #2372]

  • Books/ Book chapters

1Huynh Kim Lam:Các Phương Pháp Mô Phỏng - Tính Toán Lượng Tử(pp. 54-74). DH Quoc Gia, Tp.HCM (March 2016).[Pub ID : #2635]
2Hoang Tung,Skretting Vietnam:Thực hành nuôi tôm thẻ chân trắng hiệu quả, bền vững. Agriculture Publishing House (ISBN 978-604-60-2232-9) (February 2016).[Pub ID : #2473]

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