Friday, March 31, 2023


The School of Biotechnology school at International University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctor of Science Degrees who will be able to work in Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Research Centers, Universities, Hospitals and Businesses in the field of biotechnology. The School of Biotechnology focuses on:

1. Development of the fundamental technology of biotechnology (in which genetic engineering, enzymes - proteins are prioritized) in research and development of technologies and its applications for the following areas: health, agriculture, industrial processing, environmental protection, national security and defense.

2. Operation of the technological process, and developing of materials and products based on modern technology to serve health, agriculture, industry and national security.

 The main approaches of the research and training:

1. Genome and gene transfer technology:

- Research  applications of transgenic technology, gene-silencing technology in modifying microorganisms, plants and animals;

- Develop molecular marker systems for agriculture and health;

- Disease diagnosis and treatment using genetic engineering;

- Gene sequencing:Sequencing plants and animals which have high economic values (like rice, coffee, etc.)

 2. Process of protein production technology and recombinant vaccines:

- Research in recombinant proteins used in  medical diagnosis andtreatment, and breeding animals and plants.

- Research in producing new vaccine-eneration (recombinant) against dangerous and emerging diseases in animals and in humans.

 3. Development of microbial technology within biotechnology-oriented industry:

- Research and development of microbial products for the production of enzyme, pesticides, medicine, vaccines, preservation and processing;

- Research in production of biofilm used in medicine, manufacturing and daily life.

 4. Development of cell technology:

- Advanced technology in plants’ implantation and rapid propagation with industrial scale and rapid biomass production ofrare and valuable medicinal plants for pharmaceutical industry.

- Technology for generating cell lines in order to produce probiotics.

- Development of algal biotechnology to meet the needs of bioenergy production and functional foods.

 5. Research in reprogrammed cells and stem cells

- Cloning

- Re-programming cell

- Gene transfer

- Advanced Biotechnologyfor reproduction

Objective: genetic conservation of exotic animals, [production of new livestock’s breed with high pharmaceutical and economic value and production of stem cells or replacement organs applicable in medical therapy.