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The Department of Aquatic Resources Management is one of four departments of the School of Biotechnology founded in 2010 to meet the increasing demand for quality workforce in the field of aquatic resources management and aquaculture. These fields are considered  highly important for many countries in the world, including Viet Nam, especially in relation to global climate changes. With the advantages of having the experts in aquaculture and relevant fields, modern facilities, using English as the primary language in teaching and research, the objectives of the training programmes are:

  • To train high quality human resource with solid theoretical knowledge and practical skills to be able to effectively solve problems of AquaScience in domestic and international companies or research institutes.
  • To focus on researching and transferring technology for social and industry
  • Through international cooperation to master the modern technologies


Two undergraduate programmes, Aquatic Resources Management and Marine Biotechnology, are being taught in the Department of AquaScience.

  • Aquatic Resources Management: Our purposes are to build training programme and do scientific research on aquatic resources management. These would guarantee the stable development, the modernization of aquiculture, and finding effective solutions to problems in aquiculture in Vietnam. Our programme provides students with strong background on aquatic resources management and practical skills.
  • Marine Biotechnology: The purposes of the programme is to train undergraduate students and do scientific research on areas relating to marine biotechnology such as microorganism, environment, application of gene technology in aquaculture & agriculture, extraction of biologically active substances, research on food resources and pharmaceutical products from marine.

International Cooperation

The Department of AquaScience has close cooperation with international well-known universities in the world such as the University of Maryland (USA), James Cook University (Australia), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), the University of Stirling (UK), and Wageningen University (Netherlands). Therefore the students in the Department of AquaScience have high opportunity to study with international students and participate in collaborative research projects.


Our research interests are to find creative solutions to aquascience problems in manufacture and management. International cooperation with domestic and international companies and research institutes are our main strategy to carry out research in following areas:

  • Study on effects of global climate change on aquaculture resources and measures to mitigate them. Apply biotechnology to restore, regenerate and conserve endangered aquatic organisms.
  • Develop new technologies for aquaculture food production, mass production of highly nutritious algae and plankton for extraction of amino acids, lipids, non-saturated fatty acids, vitamins, etc…considered valuable raw materials for food production.
  • Design modern aquaculture systems to improve production yield and profit, reduce negative effects on the environment.

Faculty, Laboratory system

  • Faculty: Our lecturers all graduated from high-ranking overseas universities. There are 22 permanent faculty members currently in our department in which one is associate professor, seventeen hold PhD degree, and four have M.Sc . Our faculty members have several years’ experience in teaching and doing research in international environment.
  • The laboratory system and Biotechnology Laboratory Complex: includes seven modern labs such as Fundamental Biotechnology Laboratory, Molecular and Biomedical Biotechnology Laboratory, Applied Biochemistry Laboratory, Food Technology, Applied Aquascience Laboratory, Algae Laboratory, Marine Biotechnology Laboratory. Through strong collaborations with national and international partners, we implement advanced research and continue to expand our research facilities.


Facilities at IU:


Library with more than 400,000 English books and online resources


Lecture rooms with full support of modern audio-visual equipments, air-conditioners, and WiFi internet access


Biotechnology Laboratory for practical sessio


 AquaScience Park carries out intensive research for aquaculture (approved)

dddFacilities at Wet Lab


Facilities at the partner institutions

National Center for Marine Seed Production Research and Development in Central Vietnam, a part of Research Institute for Aquaculture No. 3, valued US$ 8 million co-sponsored by JICA (Japan) & Vietnamese government


Center of Marine Biotechnology, University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA


Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia


Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)


Department of AquaScience

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