Sunday, July 12, 2020

1. Why study Master of Food Technology at the International University

  • The Master of Food Technology program is designed for graduate students who wish to develop and expand their knowledge and skills in the field of Food Technology. The students will gain a thorough understanding of (1) innovative technology for new food product development; (2) post-harvest technology and (3) food nutrition and food safety.
  • The program is designed to meet the needs and demands in Vietnam for human resources in Food and Post-harvest Technology areas with the goal of providing our students an international standard education, approaching the quality of world’s top universities by benchmarking our program with the programs of famous universities in US (Rutgers University, University of Illinois; …), England (University of Nottingham; University of Birmingham,…), Australia (University of New South Wales, University of Queensland, Curtin University), Canada (Alberta University), Singapore (National University of Singapore) and Thailand (Asian Institute of Technology).
  • Students will have chance to work with the well-educated professors and lecturers who obtained the PhD degree from the world’s top universities.
  • Students will do their research project at 16 laboratories equipped with modern apparatus and equipments.

    2. Career opportunities

By completing the Master program in Food Technology at the International University, the graduates could gain employment as a superiors or managers at the Domestic and International Food Corporations and Factories, Research Institutes, Universities or Government Agencies for improving food product quality, new food product development, innovation of food processing and preservation technology, food quality control and assurance, management and consultancy of food nutrition. The graduates will contribute their knowledge and skills to develop the Vietnam’s agricultural product processing industries including these areas: Food Processing Technology, Food Preservation Technology, Food Nutrition, Food Quality Assurance and Food Safety.

The program provides in English to help the students to quickly update the advance in Food Technology in the world, to have chance to join excellent research groups at the University having relationship with IU, to be able to transfer to PhD program oversea or to work at the foreign corporation or Vietnamese companies at the developed countries.


3. Program structure

         The program consists of 45 credits (2-year full-time equivalent) for three main areas:

·         Innovative Technology for New Food Product Development

·         Post-harvest Technology

·         Food Nutrition and Food safety


4. Entry requirements


Pre-master requirements

Type 1:

Applicants who hold degree of Bachelor of Science in Food Technology

Not required

Type 2:

Applicants who hold degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

1. Food Engineering Principle - 4 credits

2. Food Microorganism - 4 credits

Type 3:

Applicants who hold degree of Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, Biology, Medical, Pharmacy, Agriculture and Aquaculture

1. Food Engineering Principle - 4 credits

2. Food Unit Operation 1 - 4 credits


5.    Contact

Department of Food Technology, School of Biotechnology

- Room O1.706 – International University

- Tel: (84-8) 37244270 – Ext: 3890

-        Website: