Monday, June 05, 2023

Vision and Mission

1. The educational philosophy of school of biotechnology, International University (BT-IU)

With an educational philosophy, standards, and practices based on the international liberal arts model, the purposes of BT-IU are to develop students’ personality by ensuring cultivation of character, development of abilities for independent life, life-long learning, leadership, necessary qualities as a civic responsibility, develop Vietnam’s human capital and contribute to humanity.  

2. Mission

Knowledge creation and human talent cultivation for vietnam, regional, and the world in the field of biotechnology

3. Vision

A school leading in education, research, and social responsibility and becoming the world-class school of biotechnology in 2030.

4. Strategy

  • Promoting of convergence-oriented Vietnamese talents combining academic excellence and creativity 
  • Region-class research school leading a knowledge and creative economic
  • Establishment of excellent laboratories based on cooperation and exchange

Detailed strategy:

  • For education: (1) creative human talent cultivation in field of biotechnology; (2) global life science and biotechnology leader cultivation; (3) human resource development and capacity building in the field of biotechnology.
  • For research: (1) promotion of research excellent in the field of biotechnology;  (2) innovation and entrepreneurship; (3) development of leading large-scale projects.
  • For cooperation: (1) Diverse global cooperation; (2) a sharing and cooperating BT-IU.
  • For Administration: (1) Autonomous and responsible management; (2) Pioneering the future educational environment.

Detailed action plan for strategies

a. Education:

  • Strengthening of student-centered teaching innovation and e-learning
  • Supporting creative design and convergence education
  • Freedom and creative educational environment
  • English lecture and English education for national and regional talent cultivation
  • Strengthening of efforts to recruit outstanding faculty
  • Identifying and recruiting creative talented students

b. Research:

  • Support for excellent research project identification by seeking funds from national and international projects
  • Securing specialized graduate students and researchers
  • Establishment model biotechnology laboratories
  • Research for national regenerative biomedicine and agriculture, and safe foods industry
  • Establishment a national center for preservation of rare genotypes of animals and plants

c. Cooperation:

  • Synergy of research cooperation, diversification of education and research cooperation, student and cultural exchange for global leadership
  • Enhancement of the BT-IU image for high school students and the people
  • Expansion of special programs for high school, undergraduate, and graduate gifted in biotechnology
  • Expansion of cooperation with the national and regional communities

d. Administration:

  • Establishment of a performance management system
  • Strengthening of staff training
  • Establishment and operation of employees Career development programs
  • Provision of customer-oriented administration services