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SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENT “The validation of a functional, isolated pig bladder model for physiological experimentation”


The validation of a functional, isolated pig bladder model for physiological experimentation


Respectfully to: Lecturers, Researchers, Staffs and Students


The Office of External and Public Relations would like to invite lecturers, researchers, staff and students to attend the seminars “The validation of a functional, isolated pig bladder model for physiological experimentation” presented by Dr. Bahareh Vahabi, Department of Biological, Biomedical and Analytical Sciences, The University of West of England. The time and venue of the seminar are:

-                         Time:                       10:30 – 11:30h,  December 14, 2015

-                         Venue:                     Room A2.104

Seminar’s synopsis and  bibliography of the speaker can be found in attached document.

 The participation of all lecturers, researchers, staff and students are all welcome.


Title of seminar: The validation of a functional, isolated pig bladder model for physiological experimentation


-          Synopsis

Our knowledge of bladder function remains incomplete and experimental approaches such as muscle strip experiments, though central to our current understanding, fail to reproduce the complex network of cell-cell interactions that underpin normal bladder function. Improving our understanding of bladder physiology necessitates the use of whole organ preparations and to date most of this work has been done using bladders from small rodents. Extrapolating findings generated using small laboratory animals to lower urinary tract physiology of large animals and to the clinical context is difficult, and requires careful validation. In order to overcome some of these limitations, the aim of our research has been to develop an experimental model using an isolated whole pig bladder, which could be used to study the integrative physiology of the bladder. Using a pump perfusion system, the viability of an isolated large animal bladder can be maintained for a prolonged period of time even after a limited period of warm and cold ischaemia. This experimental approach can be used to study whole organ function of large animal bladders, and the potential for different routes of drug administration may help discern the relative contribution of different cell types in tissue function.


-          Professional Biography

Dr Bahareh Vahabi is a Senior Lecturer in Physiology at University of the West of England and a Research Fellow at the Bristol Urological Institute/University of Bristol. Dr Vahabihas forged a distinguished academic career combining research and teaching at leading universities and hospitals in the United Kingdom.

Focussing her research interests on the physiological and pharmacological function of the urinary tract, she has collaborated with fellow research scientists to relate her findings to medical disorders such as overactive bladder function and has managed to develop a novel isolated large animal bladder model to investigate the integrative physiology of the bladder.



Postgraduate Certificate (Learning & Teaching) –University of the West of England

Master of Science- Pharmacology and Biotechnology–Sheffield Hallam University

Doctor of Philosophy –Sheffield Hallam University


Professional activities

Membership of learned societies

Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology

Physiological Society

International Continence Society

European Urology Society



Journal referee         

Autonomic &Autocoid Pharmacology                                                           Aging Cell

Neurourology and Urodynamics                                                                    Life Sciences

Journal of Urology                                                                              BMC Urology



Research funding

·         Development of novel experimental systems (organ models) for biomedical research (£8,820), University of the West of  England Early Career Researcher Gant

·         Extracorporeal perfusion of the female pig: A new experimental model for urological research (£16,670), North Bristol Trust Innovation grant 2009 - 2010

·         Fluid reabsorption from the urinary bladder (£18,500),Ferring Pharmaceutical

·         Investigation of the role of aquaporin water channels in pig urinary bladder- (£17,500), University of the West of  England, QR funded research grant

·         Investigation of the role of aquaporin water channels in pig urinary bladder- (£60,000),Ferring Pharmaceutical


Peer reviewed

Original Research

·         Bijos, D., Drake, M. J. and Vahabi, B. (2014) Anoctamin-1 in the juvenile rat urinary bladder. PLoS ONE, 9 (9)

·         Vahabi B, Sellers DJ, Bijos DA, Drake MJ (2013) Phasic Contractions in Urinary Bladder from Juvenile versus Adult Pigs.PLoS One. 8:e58611

·         Vahabi B, Parsons BA, Doran O, Rhodes A, Dean S, Drake MJ (2013) TRPM8 agonists modulate contraction of the pig urinary bladder. Can J Phys Pharm. In press

·         Parsons BA, Drake MJ, Gammie A, Fry CH, Vahabi B (2012) The validation of a functional, isolated pig bladder model for physiological experimentation. Frontiers in Pharmacology. 3:52-59

·         Vahabi B, McKay N, Lawson K, Sellers DJ (2011) The role of c-kit-positive interstitial cells in mediating phasic contractions of bladder strips from streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. BJUI. 107:1480-7

·         Vahabi B, Lawson K, McKay N, Sellers, DJ (2011) Phasic activity of urinary bladder smooth muscle in the streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat: effect of potassium channel modulators. Eur J Pharmacol.660:231-7.



·         Vahabi, B. and Drake, M. J. (2014) Physiological and pathophysiological implications of micromotion activity in urinary bladder function. ActaPhysiologica. ISSN 1748-1708 [In Press]

·         Kirschner-Hermanns R, Daneshgari F, Vahabi B, Birder L, Oelke M, Chacko S.(2012) Does diabetes mellitus-induced bladder remodeling affect lower urinary tract function?-ICI-RS 2011.Neurourol Urodyn. 31:359-64

·         vanKoeveringe GA, Vahabi B,Andersson KE, Kirshner-Herrmans R, Oelke M. (2011) Detrusor Underactivity: A plea for new approaches to a common bladder dysfunction ICI-RS 2010. NeurourolNeurodyn. 30:723-8

·         Sadananda S, Vahabi B, Drake MJ. (2011) Bladder outlet physiology in the context of lower urinary tract dysfunction: ICI-RS 2010. NeurourolNeurodyn. 30:708-13




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