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Monday, 23/11/2015

MSc program in Plant Biology at Tel Aviv Universityin partnership with AICAT in the Arava

Tel  Aviv  University,  in  partnership  with  the  Arava  International  Center  for  Agricultural 
Training (AICAT) are pleased to invite students to participate in the second cohortof a new 
and  innovative  MSc  program  that  combines  academics  and  practical  skills.  The  MSc 
degree in Plant Biology, with an emphasis in Food Safety and Security will take place in Israel 
and is a unique program designed for international  students. The first cohort of students began 
their studies this past November 2014. 
We would like you to announce the information and encourage your excellent BSc graduates 
who  have  a  science  background  and  good  English  skills  to  apply  to  the  program.  We  are 
planning to visit your university in order to personally present the program. 
Included is a short document detailing the program.We will be happy to provide any additional 
Sincerely yours, 
Dr. Eyal Blum 
Mayor, Central Arava Regional Council 
Professor Danny Chamovitz 
Dean, George S. Wise Faculty of life 
Sciences, Tel Aviv University 
Hanni Arnon 
Director, AICAT 
Professor Nir Ohad 
Director, Manna Center Program for Food 
Safety & Security, Tel Aviv University 
Dr. Haya Kisos 
Academic Director, AICAT 
Maya Oren 
Program Coordinator, Tel Aviv University 
Roy Patrick 
Program Coordinator, AICAT 
Maureen Meyer-Adiri 
Director, TAU International 

The Graduate Degree Program
A cooperation agreement was signed between AICAT and Tel Aviv University, initiating a program 
of studies toward a Masters degree in Plant Biologywith an emphasis in Food Safety & Security at 
Tel Aviv University. The courses will take place inboth the Arava  and Tel Aviv, in partnership 
with  AICAT.  Graduates  of  this  program  will  receive  a  fully  accredited  MSc  degree  in  Plant 
Biology with an emphasis in Food Safety and Security from Tel Aviv University.The program 
is intended for students with relevant BSc degrees from recognized universities all over the world. 
The program will be held over four semesters, with  most of the studies physically taking place in 
the Arava. The summer semester will be an intensivesession given in Tel Aviv. For most of the 
year, the students will live on farms in the Arava  region where they will be able to gain hands-on 
experience 2-3 days per week, as part of their internship arrangement for tuition assistance. 
The  program  will  work  in  close  cooperation  with  the Agricultural  Research  and  Development 
Center (at the Yair R&D Station). Some of the lecturers will be researchers from the Center and 
students will conduct their practicum research withthe assistance of R&D researchers. 
The program will be academically supervised by Tel  Aviv University and is of an equivalent level 
to the Hebrew-speaking program. Many of the programs’ lecturers are tenured faculty members of 
Tel Aviv University. 
Updated Program Schedule:
Early October 2015: Arrival to Israel. 
October 2015-February 2016: Preparatory Semester: Preparatory studies in Arava with a focus on: 
•  Improving English abilities 
•  Refresher Plant Biology, Genetics, and Biochemistrycourses 
February 2016: Internal entrance exams. These special exams, administered by Tel Aviv 
University, will test the candidates’ academic levels. 
Candidates who pass the exams and interviews will be accepted to the MSc program. 
The program will continue as follows: 
March – June 2016: First Semester – MSc studies in Arava. 
July 2016: Second Semester – Food Safety & Security Summer Institute, will take place at Tel 
Aviv University and will be taken with other international students. 
October 2016-February 2017: Third Semester – MSc degree studies continue in Arava. 
February 2017: Completion of MSc degree and Graduation. 
The program is open toexcellentstudents who have completed an undergraduate degree in biology, 
agriculture, or a related field. Prerequisites include undergraduate courses in plant biology, genetics, 

and cell biology and a minimum GPA of 80 on a scaleof 100, 3.0 on a scale of 4.0, or equivalent 
(based on US standards). Exceptions may be made inthe case of an exceptionally strong 
application with a lower GPA. 
Candidates will have a personal interview with representatives of the program from Tel Aviv 
University and AICAT. 
Application Process
1.  Open a personal profile in the TAU International Student Portal and begin to submit required 
information. Student Portal link: If there is any issue with 
uploading documents, please contact: 
The following information for each candidate, in English, should be uploaded to the Student Portal 
by April 30, 2015. 
•  Resume 
•  Current transcript 
•  Recommendation from Head of the Department in whichthe student received their 
Bachelor's degree 
•  Short essay in English (one page) explaining the student’s background, why are they 
interested in the program, and what they expect to do with the degree once completed 
•  Official TOEFL or IELTS scores or proof of registration to take the exam 
•  Passport photo 
2.  Demonstrated Command of English:It is important for the Program to know the English levels 
of the applicants in order to evaluate and prepare the language strengthening course of the 
Preparatory Semester. Therefore, all applicants must prove their English-language proficiency 
validated through a TOEFL or IELTS exam. Official scores must be submitted by June 30, 2015 
and uploaded to the TAU International Student Portal. Please note that scores are usually sent 
out one month after the exam, therefore students must take the exam ahead of time. 
3.  First Round of Interviews: In June, representativesof Tel Aviv University and AICAT will 
interview qualified students who have submitted therequired documents listed. 
Program and Application Fee
•  Total tuition for Preparatory Semester: $750. Students will cover $750. 
•  Total tuition for the degree in the framework of this program is $15,500. Students will pay 
$5,000, and a scholarship will be given by TAU & AICAT for the balance. 
•  Students' share of tuition will be paid throughout the program and before its completion. 
Students will be able to work up to 3 days per week; the rest of the time will be devoted to 
•  Airline tickets will be paid by the student. 
•  Each student must have a laptop when studies begin.
•  Student must pass a medical checkup. 


The seminar will be hold at A1.402, 9.30am on Wednesday 2/12/2015



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